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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SLO Trip

Spent this weekend in SLO -- haven't been up there since before Miss M could walk. We went up for Ty's college graduation. Left Saturday morning and between Mom wanting to shop for a minute, trying to find lunch, and calming down a bored toddler at one stretch (stopped at the beach for a minute and then pulled out the heavy artillery - the portable DVD player!), it ended up taking us about 5 hours to get up there! Thankfully, we didn't hit a lot of traffic. But, it was exhausting!
Everyone was excited to see Miss M, but she didn't really warm up to anyone - not enough time, I guess. However, by the end of the trip, she was following KT around like she was following Tori in April! Even Shirley's bribes with strawberry shortcake, a feather boa, a new purse, a necklace, and a special cup and fork just for her weren't doing much to melt the icy cold front of Miss M away! Hahahahha :)
Ty's graduation was nice, but HOT. We went to Shell beach afterwards and Miss M got to see dolphins in the water! Since there were no other kids there, she was a little bit bored, and I think tired (!), but she did good and then fell asleep in the car on the way to KTs house.
We spent the night over there. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Since her house is at the end of a winery, there is just about no one else out there (the ride there was a bit scary because it was pitch black - no need to put in lights in a vineyard - hahahaha), but we got there and got settled and it was great. Stayed up with KT until about 1230 when I finally had to admit that I was too tired to stay up any longer! Next morning, I woke up to hear the cows behind her house moo-ing! Hahhhaha! Reminds me of my grandmas (maybe THAT's why it was so relaxing!). After we got ready, we went with everyone to a pancake breakfast. Miss M was more excited about the pancake breakfast than about anything else having to do with the whole trip, so she had a nice time there.
The ride back was a long one.... We didn't hit too much traffic, but at one point, I finally decided that we HAD to get something to eat. So we got off the freeway and I told Mom the first place that we see is where we eat....The first place was InNOut, the second place was Weinerschnitzel, and the third place was McDonalds - ugh! So we were probably off the freeway for about an hour! And once I had finally given up and decided that we would just wait until we found somewhere else, I found a DelTaco - not the greatest food on the planet, but I was so hungry at that point, I just didn't care....SO it took us about 5 hours to get back home, too!
I was so exhausted Sunday night (and last night!) that I have been sleeping like the dead! Both nights Miss M has woken up crying in the middle of the night and I haven't heard her at all (and since I normally hear her if she sneezes, that's saying something) - I just wake up with her in bed with us.
Was nice and relaxing to be gone for the weekend, but I'm glad to be back home again!
Had chix burgers and edamame last night for dinner, but will be trying to get back to cooking more this week!!!
More later!