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Monday, July 18, 2011

Freezing Beets

I have decided that since I have a TON of beets, I will spare my family another week of beet-related meals and save them for when the weather turns cooler.
I love beet soup and quick (and easy) microwave beets. I also love shredded beets in salads with some apples and either pecans or walnuts (for some reason beets in salad makes me think of early fall and not summer).
I freeze A LOT of stuff - right now, I have beans, bulgur, brown rice, cooked beans, extra pasta sauce, extra freeze-dried herbs, homemade "ice-cream", and soup base in my freezer. I will literally attempt to freeze anything if it means that I can save it before it goes bad or before it goes to waste. I have never attempted to freeze beets before, so I won't be able to tell you - until maybe September or October - - how they come out, but I will be sure to mention it once I use them again.

This was my method to freeze the beets:

Clean beets; trim off ends; submerge in a pot full of water; bring to a boil; Continue to boil for approx. 25 minutes (until you can insert a knife or fork into the largest one easily).

Drain pot of hot water; add cold water and (lots!) of ice cubes to cover; leave for approx. 15 minutes (or until beets are cool enough to handle).

Peel beets (I use wax or parchment paper on my cutting board so that I have less (beet juice) to clean up).

Slice beets, if desired (I sliced some and left the small ones whole).

Lay out on parchment paper on a small cookie sheet or jelly roll sheet and put in the freezer overnight.

Put in freezer bags to save for later!!

What kinds of things do you freeze?

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More later! :)