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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vegas Trip 2010

Mr. NoNo and I went to Vegas over Labor Day Weekend! :)
Aaaaahhhhh! Rest and relaxation! Last year I spent most of his golfing day at the spa - doing yoga classes, soaking, and getting a massage.

I decided this year to do something different. We stayed at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino, in Summerlin, and they had a regular spa and an "adventure" spa. The adventure spa was just them setting you up to go either horseback riding, river rafting, kayaking, or rock climbing. ROCK CLIMBING?!?!?!?! I had some difficulty trying to decide between the river rafting or the rock climbing, but finally gave into the rock climbing (and you could do it for 1/2 the day and river rafting was the whole day).
I arranged to have a private guide take me out for 1/2 the day in the Red Rock Canyon and show me how to rock climb and then get me started doing a few runs.
It was very exciting!! I wish I would have been able to take my camera up to the top with me. However, I probably would have crushed part of it at some point on the way to the top. The view was unbelivable. I actually got up the first run and got on this ledge, crossed my legs into a lotus and then just sat and took it all in - - I could see sooo far and I was up high, so that I was more level with the mountains across the valley. It was very serene, very quiet, and very peaceful. I could have just stayed up there and done some deep breathing and looked around. It was magical! ....and I was a little bit afraid of the descent part... But, eventually, of course, I did get down (which was good because I am not sure how someone would have come up to get me if I wouldn't have been able to come down) - straight down the rock face and I almost hugged the guide when I got down the first time...I was so glad I made it all the way up and all the way back down without giving up or quitting. I did it a second time, too, but by the time I got back down, it was time for us to clean up and get ready to hike back out to the car.

Fortunately, the guide gave someone nearby my camera so that they could take pics of me going up and coming back down! I showed the pics around at dinner that night and everyone was interested. BS even got up and came around the table to see the pictures and Mr. No-No told everyone that it was kicka** that I had the guts to do that. hahahaha.... I'm thinking that I will definitely be going again for at least a 1/2 day and I may have other people to go with me after seeing the pics. Yay!
My forearms were so sore the next day that I could barely pick anything up - lol - but, it was so worth it!
I'm thinking I will be doing some indoor rock climbing later this month!

More later!  :)