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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whale Watching

Took Miss NoNo whale watching this weekend! We talked about it for days before, I showed her pictures on the Internet, out of nowhere, she would ask me questions about it. She was soooo excited.
So we got ready (packed lunches, snacks, drinks) and went out to get on the boat. She saw a couple of dolphins in the distance and then we really started to move away from the shore.
Once the boat got out in the open water, it started rocking a bit more. I had her sitting on a spot in between my legs and she just kept getting heavier and heavier.
I guess the rocking finally lulled her to sleep!!! LOL! She didn't wake up until we started coming back in towards the harbor...
Now we will just have to go again!
Fortunately (for her), I guess whale-watching season is actually over. All we saw were dolphins. They were beautiful - at one point, I looked out and could just see the mommas and babies jumping out of the water together (everywhere!). It was very magical.
Maybe next time, Twinkletoes will get to see it, too!
More later!  :)