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Monday, November 8, 2010

Santa Barbara Weekend

We spent Saturday in Santa Barbara - it was a Girls' Weekend!! :) Me, my mom, Miss No-No, a few of my aunts and all of my girl cousins were up there for the day.
We went for lunch, a long walk, and shopping. We saw a concert in front of the Borders (wow! they should do that at MY Borders!!!), we looked at flowers, watched a wedding procession file out of a church, and ran in the rain. But, the highlight of the day, for the little ones at least, was this crazy park that has a castle structure with catwalks, hidden stairways, and secret hiding spots. We could have gone up there, gone to the park, played until Miss No-No couldn't take it anymore, and then driven all the way home and she would have loved it just the same - lol!!!

More later!!! :)