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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Was Featured!!

I am so pleased to have been featured at the King's Court IV the week before last! This weekly "forum" is like a blog hop for food and recipes and I love being a part of it every week. I submitted my recipe for Rosemary Apple Turnovers. If you missed my previous post, please check it out and see how easy this recipe is. Clairity made these and said that they smelled like heaven in her kitchen (lol) and that not only did she get "two thumbs up" from her two kids, but she also was planning to make them again the next day....I'm not kidding, they really are that fast and easy!! Good enough for company, but super quick to make!!

Additionally, I was also featured on the Hungry Cook Daily the following day (because of the King's Court IV post).

Very Cool!!!
More later! :)