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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What are YOU Reading Friday

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the Peter Walsh book about clearing your mental clutter. I thought that it was such a good idea to read something like that (positive, uplifting, and motivational). However, after reading through the first section, I realized that book was actually the THIRD in a series. And the introduction said something about how if you haven't read the first two books, you couldn't get really get going on this third one! :( I still looked through the book and saw a lot of stuff that I liked, but I really just skimmed through because I knew that when I went back to the library this week, I was going to have to check out one of the other two books.
So, you know when I went to the library today, I grabbed one of the two that came before it!

It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh is a "plan for living a richer life with less stuff". That's not only what I need, but what I try to advocate here... Living more, or living richer, with the basics in life!! Perfect!!
I have only read the first 20 pages but it looks like it's a plan to clear out the clutter from your home - and clear out how emotionally (!) everyone deals with their own clutter. I know that this applies to me because I have boxes (small boxes, but still boxes) of things that I am saving - - stuff that my mom gave me from when I was little, stuff from my wedding day, stuff from when my Miss No-No was born - - and it's all stuff that I never look at, but I just NEED to keep. I'm not sure that this book will help me clear those things away, but I am willing to read through it and see what advice is there.
But, every time I see these kinds of things I just think - do you really get rid of everything??? everything??? My wedding dress? What about the shoes I wore on my wedding day? (I haven't worn them since, but I do love them so much!) And what about year books from high school? (Yes, I still have them all.) And what about things that I have that were passed down to me? (I have lots of baby blankets and old hand-crochet blankets for doll cribs <- I did pass those down to my little one already... and old handkerchiefs that my great grandmother embroidered...I don't use them, but they are so precious and special) So, I guess we are going to see exactly what I learn! If it's spectacular, I will keep you all posted. However, if it's a huge bust, I doubt you will be reading about it all here - hehehehe! I guess...stay tuned! If I find some great tips, or things that work out, I will be sure to pass them on.

What are you reading?
What kinds of things do you hang on to but never use?

Thanks to all of you who left comments last week! I appreciate you sharing - - and I love learning about new books that I haven't heard of, or wouldn't have thought to look into before. EnglishRose is a literary goddess, just look at her site, it's all about books!, and she is reading New Year, New Life by Sherry Lewis. Kelli dropped by to say that she is reading The Yearling (and that it's as sad as she remembers). I don't know what that book is about, but I will keep it in my list of things to "check out later". And, Rosann, who I love and who stops by so so often to comment (thanks! Rosann) is an avid reader, too! She is reading Unlimited by Jillian Michaels - I didn't even know that she had a book out, Twitter Power 2.0 by Joel Comm - which I will be sure to check out, amongst others.

More later!! :)