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Friday, July 8, 2011

What Are YOU Reading Friday

I am back on my self-help kick! I picked up this book at the library:

It was on the "new" bookshelf in my library so I decided to bring it home and see what it was all about. Turns out there is a lot of good information, and a lot of stuff that didn't really apply to me at all!! Basically, I just skimmed through until I got to each section that I was interested in and then read that in detail. Some of the interesting chapters of The 10 Commandments of Money by Liz Weston are: "Saving for Retirement Must Come First", "Reserve Insurance for the Big Losses", and "Defend Yourself in the War on Consumers". The last one is about credit cards and managing yourself while being a consumer (how to save, shop around, and complain, when necessary).
There were a lot of references to how this time now is not the same as your parents' time and why it's different (and why WE think the way that we do and how it differs from our parents' thinking - or even their parents' thinking). Which is a nice way to put it all in perspective...
I have been thinking about my time vs. my parents' time a lot. My parents seemed to have it all together, even though they got married really young, they are very financially well off. And, admittedly, sometimes I feel like (even though I was 10 years older than they were when they got married) I feel like I'm not where they were financially when they were my age. But, clearly, that is a fault of my way of thinking - - and my consumerist habits! At least now, I have some kind of reference point to start changing the way I think and the way that I spend and manage my money.
....okay....the sad violin is back in the

In light of the book, and the subject matter, how are you saving / changing your spending in this "new" environment?

Thanks to all the comments to the last What Are YOU Reading post!!
I think that this is the first week since I have started doing this that I haven't heard of at least ONE book that you all have mentioned in your comments! So, I guess I have some new books to look up. ;) Here are the recommendations:
Angelology from Nicole
Jemima J from Delaney
A Discovery of Witches from the Momma at the Sammy Makes Six

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy reading!
More later! :)