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Friday, July 1, 2011

What Are YOU Reading?

I needed a break and decided to pick up a "fun" book at the library!!
This book, Mind Games: 31 Days to Rediscover Your Brain, is filled with fun, quick little things that you can do each day that teach you about your mind and WHY we think the way that we do!! It's pretty cool to realize how you think and the reasons behind it. (When I initially saw the book, I thought that it was a book that would help you rediscover how smart you were or how to be smarter or something like that, but that's not what its about at all.)

At first, I was telling myself that I would do one "exercise" a day while I was reading another book, but that only lasted about two days and then I was on a mission to devour the whole book!!! :)
There is even a section where you can learn about how your kids think the way that they do - - not why they DO the things that they do (lol), but how they rationalize things in their mind. Very interesting!

I also learned through one exercise that I value speed and agility and strength in people, that I want people to know that I am loyal, and that I think that people perceive me as being graceful! :)) That exercise was fun, but some of the others are more just about reading and understanding how the brain works.

Pretty cool stuff.

What are YOU reading?
Any great plans for the 4th of July holiday?

Thanks again to everyone who commented on my last book post. I really enjoy reading your comments and, of course, I'm happy for all those that choose to share!
My last question was about saving your sanity - what do you do to save your sanity. Of course, you are reading - and blogging! Jen commented that her biggest sanity saver is date night (!!!) with her hubby (awwww...of course we get romance from the writer of the Clean Romance Reviews blog!!). Rosann mentioned that running makes her feel more positive and Christina loves to get lost in audiobooks!! Mommy is Green has a Kindle that helps keep her sane!! :)
I haven't really gotten into Kindles yet (or audiobooks for that matter).... I think I would miss the "weight" of my actual books, but everyone who has one has told me how great they are!! Thanks for your comments!!!

Have a wonderful, safe, freedom-filled weekend!! I LOVE 4th of July - - it's one of my favorite holidays!!
More later! :)