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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Neighborly Vibes

I spent some time this evening outside with my little Miss No-No while she played with our neighbor's son. The two of them are really close and they get along very well. I am sure they would get along no matter what - - both of them are very easy going and they both have great, friendly dispositions. However, they are only two months his momma and I were both pregnant with our (only) babies at the same time. We are able to share a lot about development, being good parents, and just funny stories, while each thing we have to say is relevant to the other's life. It's very cool and very awesome.
ANYWAYS....the little ones were out playing today and our neighbor's son was out with his Dad. We talked the whole time we were outside and then we were walking back to our houses (and the dad walks us to our door since it's usually dark by the time we are done and our house is on the way to his). Mr. No-No was waiting outside for us to come back. We stopped to say good night and he said to us, "I am so thankful for our children who are so beautiful and great to have. And, I feel blessed that they bring us out of our shells a little bit so we get to know each other better"!
Ah! That gave me such a great feeling inside - - and that's how I feel, too!
It's so awesome to have my little Miss No-No and I love all the things that she brings into my life, but those two sentences explain all that feeling in just a few words!!! Amazing how saying something soooo soooo simple can encompass sooooo sooo many things in my heart.

Now go hug your babies!
Or, wait, maybe you should wait until they are out of bed! Hahahhaha! :)

More later! :)