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Monday, September 12, 2011

What's for Dinner?

We went to a birthday party at a Gymnastics facility this weekend. It's the first time we have ever done anything like that and it was a blast! If that place wasn't so far from our house, I would be thinking about having Miss No-No's next birthday party there! The kids got to run on trampolines, on mats, jump on spring boards, and into a huge "pool" that was full of foam blocks! There was also this HUGE rope swing. If none of the other parents would have been around, I think I would have just dove right in and joined my little Miss No-No - - it looked like so much fun!!! She loved it and the birthday girl's parents did such a fantastic job (no, they don't read this blog - lol), but they did such a great job with the food and the goodie bags, the cake and cupcakes, and just getting the kids psyched. I loved it!!

So - on with the meals for the week. :)

Nori Rolls
Miso Soup

Spinach-Stuffed Tomatoes
Quinoa Salad

Healthy Dinner Bowls

Homemade Black Bean (Veggie) Burgers
Salad with (homemade) Avocado and Cumin Dressing

Peanut "Noodles" with Veggies and Tofu

Left over Bonanza / Beach Picnic

Pasta Dinner / Salad / Garlic Bread

1. Nori Rolls: Brown rice (made ahead of time), matchstick carrot and cucumbers, and sliced avocado. I will either roll these into a hand-held "wrap" using a nori sheet or will wrap them "roll-style" using a bamboo mat (from the Asian market) and then cut in 1" sections.
Miso Soup: I have a recipe for this, but to be honest, I haven't tested it yet; if it doesn't come out well, I have a packaged soup mix (just add hot water type of mix) as a back up.
2. Stuffed tomatoes: Mix spinach, scant onions, diced red bell peppers, salt, pepper, garlic, and some italian spices into cored out tomatoes.
Quinoa Salad: using pre-made quinoa, add in salt, pepper, fresh mint, diced cukes, and diced tomatoes; mix well; serve next to tomatoes
3. Healthy Bowls: Usually a mish-mash of what I have left over or around (!): brown rice on the bottom, beans (black, brown, or pinto work really well, but anything works here) layered on top, slightly steamed veggies over the beans (I usually add some kind of greens - like kale or spinach - and other veggies - carrots, broccoli, squash - basically, whatever I have on hand); pour a lite (homemade, if you have it) salad dressing over the top. Easy, quick and nutritious!
4. Black Bean Veggie Burgers: there are recipes allllll over the place for this - I'm substituting homemade burgers this week (but, lately I have been using pre-packaged garden burgers - both work well, although one is easier on a busy night!).
5. Peanut Noodles: Zucchini noodles dressed with peanut sauce (home-made or store bought works); add slightly steamed or sauteed veggies with either baked or pan-fried tofu cutlets.