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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Week of Menu Ideas - Pho, Potato Tacos, & Pasta

We spent ALLLLLL day yesterday at the Aquarium of the Pacific!! They have penguins now!

It was so cool to see them up close - they literally swam right up to the glass and I got this awesome picture. You can even see the ones in the background standing up watching everything!! I loved it almost as much as Miss M. It was a tiring day though - the aquarium was crowded because they were "celebrating" the opening of this new exhibit.

On the subject of new things - I got the Skinny Bitch Cookbook - have you guys seen it? It has a whole section of awesome, vegan entrees. I can't wait to cook my way through it! lol.

Here's what I have planned for dinners this week:

{Vegan Pho - Image from the}

Vegan Pho Soup

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos
Green salads (with corn, bell peppers, and avocado)

Spaghetti with Spinach
in Garlic Sauce
Garlic Bread
Panzanella Salad over Greens

Garden Burgers
Mixed Sauteed Veggies

Leftover Bonanza
Carrot Sticks, Celery Sticks with Onion Dip

Dinner out

Vegan Hot Dogs
Marinated Tempeh Skewers
Orange Slices

What are you doing for the long holiday weekend? Any good plans?
More later!! (: