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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Idea: The Bunny Cake

Mr. No-No's birthday is right around Easter so I usually make him a bunny cake. This one is easy, fast, and fun for the little ones to help with. Improvise with your own favorite colors and watch eyes light up with delight!! (Don't hate because he is in his mid-40s! ...just kidding! Anyway, I heard 50 is the new 30 so he's still young!!)

Directions for the bunny cake:
Bake two round cakes as usual (one box mix, if you are using, will make two cakes)
Leave one cake whole (this will be the bunny's face)
Cut the second cake to form two bunny ears and the left over section (in the middle) will make the tie under his face
Assemble and frost
Decorate as desired

For the bunny ear "fur" I used sweetened coconut in a container with red decorating sugar and shook until the coconut turned pink; I used raisins for the eyes and tie buttons; and I used green icing for the mouth because it was what I had in the cabinet. You could also use jelly beans for the eyes, licorice strings for whiskers, and white coconut all over for "fur" - if your family likes that much coconut!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope your weekend is wonderful!!