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Thursday, October 8, 2009

busy at work, busy at home, and loving it

Wow! I have been so sick allllll week - but I finally feel better today!!! Sheesh! I think I had a little stomach flu or something - horrible. I think I would rather have a bad cold for a week or two than deal with that again for a few days - I was in bed EARLY every day and some days I was eating almost nothing because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep it down - I actually had veggie broth for lunch one day (Veggie broth! for lunch!). I finally feel good again. I even trusted my stomach to have coffee this morning. Yipee!
Spent last weekend at D&R's new house. Very big, very beautiful, and very far away. They moved about 45 mins past mom and dad's. If you can forget that you are all the way out there, you could feel spoiled by how much house, and how much land, and how much new stuff is right all around you. I don't think I could do it, never know, huh? There is, however, a TON of shopping right near where they are!! Miss M had fun playing with cousin C and that's really why we were out there! She ran around with her, they watched Dora together, played outside, drew with sidewalk chalk, played with playdough, and played with this pretend guitar for most of the afternoon. It was fun for her and fun for me to watch her.
I am amazed at how BIG she seems to get everyday. We still have the little tantrums and the falling on the floor when she doesn't get her way, but I think that for the most part, those are finally starting to wane a little bit - - especially since she is able to talk more!! I gave her something to eat the other day and I asked her how it was and she told me - it's different (!!!!). Then SN asked her to eat something one day and she told him that she couldn't eat it because it was too "tasty". We both started laughing...too tasty??? Turns out that it had garlic and she wasn't eating it because it was too spicy, but all the same...We love it that her vocabulary has seemed to get sooo big over such a short time. Guess it's all that good learning that she is doing in her school.
Speaking of school, when I went to pick her up yesterday, she wasn't in her normal pre-preschool class. Her teacher told me that she actually asked to go to the preschool!! One of her friends moved up last month and another one is getting ready to move up (they are transitioning him), so maybe she is lonely and wants to be with them...
Oh something else she is doing a lot of right now - is when I asked her a question, or ask her what she thinks, and she doesn't know, she will say - tell me. I JUST LOVE IT.
Anyways....I am busy at work, busy at home, and loving it - but, I should get going!!!
This weekend, we are taking Miss M out on the boat again. We took her two weeks ago and she asked to get out after we were only there for about 5 we are hoping to acclimate her to it. If not, I guess I have a new pink barbie fishing pole that I can start using. Hahhahaha.
More later!