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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leeks, leeks, and more leeks (oh! and avacados)

We got our CSA basket / box last night - - clearly leeks, kale and dill are in season. I made my "famous" leek soup last night. I had that one great recipie that SN said was so fabulous...but I don't know where I got it from (maybe from a book from the library? I couldn't find it in any of the books at home). So I improvised - I have been doing that a lot lately, but it came out good. :)

Leek & Potato Soup
I just put four sliced leeks (white parts only) and one sliced brown onion into some olive oil and earth balance and then let it cook covered until it looked pretty steamed (7 or 8 mins) and then I added 1-1/2 cut up potatoes (I saved some potato for breakfast saturday morning - mmm) and about 1-1/2 cups of water, let that go for about 15 minutes. Then I added about 2 cups of plain soy milk, put the lid on and let that go for another 5 minutes or so. I took it off the heat and blended it and then added some salt, pepper, and fresh dill. if I could just find a decent avacado recipe like this - easy to throw together and great to eat! :) SN wasn't too thrilled at my attempt to make avacado soup (as, clearly, avacados are also in season and I am at a loss - I don't know what to do with all of them!). We have had avacado sandwiches, tacos, guacamole, sandwich spread....I'm feeling a little like Forrest Gump...
I am making it a little mission of mine with this CSA not to throw anything away. Nothing... (we will see how that goes). Although, I have now learned how to freeze basil and dill so they can still be used without being "freeze-dried", make leek soup without a recipie, and I can't even tell you how long it's been since we bought a jar of pre-made salsa (since we have had so many tomatoes, it would be a waste to not just make my own!).
More later!