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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Cooking - Pasta & Soup

Our CSA "basket" last week was filled with leeks (those are STILL in season??) and bok choy (!) and zucchini. We also got a big thing of Swiss chard and some herbs, MORE limes and some persimmons as well as a few other things. You should see the eggplant that we got - huge and beautiful. I used the eggplant to make this Thai basil saute recipe that I got from, but it wasn't a hit :( I thought it was good, but apparently, no one else liked it much. Since we had so much left over, I froze the leftovers and am thinking about Thai-influenced sub sandwiches (with carrot and cabbage slaw, green onions, peanut sauce, and peanuts) for a night when I don't have time to cook.
Sunday night, I used the Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes cookbook to make gnocchi and a new basic marinara spaghetti sauce - the sauce was a hit and everyone liked the gnocchi - Miss M and I both had them for lunch the next day because the 1/2 recipe still made sooooooo many. Next time I make them, I think I will try the sweet potato version (didn't have sweet potatoes this time around) and make extras to freeze.
Last night, I made the Clean Out the Fridge Soup from It came out surprisingly good - I was impressed. And...I got to use up most of the zucchini, all of the Swiss chard and a good portion of green onions. I actually had so many vegetables going into the pot that I forgot to add celery (which I only bought to make soup) and some carrots!! But, it was good anyways.

And...about Miss M :)
We went to see cousin C. over the weekend. The girls played soooo good together - I loved it. They were both excited to see each other and had a lot of fun playing all day. When we were getting in the car to leave our house on Saturday morning, Miss M asked me if we were going to grandma susu's house. I told her that we were and she asked me - not cousin cayenna's house?. I told her that once we picked up grandma that we would be going out to see cousin C. She told me (in her halting, measured way - it's like she thinks it, says part of it, thinks some more and then tries to get it all out) that cousin C. was her cousin and her friend.
so - so - so - so beautiful!

More later! :)