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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He got one!

Last weekend, we - what else? - went fishing!!! Hahahaha. SN and I went out by ourselves for awhile. It was very nice, very relaxing, and a lot of fun. We spent most of the time joking around while SN was telling me all the tips that he learned on the fishing channel (or whatever he watched that morning). Then, all of the sudden...he starts yelling about how he needs help - and ohmigawd! I got one, Carla, I got a fish - GET.THE.NET.
It was so funny. We agreed later that it was probably only as funny as it was just because we were so unprepared...I honestly didn't believe that there were any fish in the lake, and thought that maybe the fish finder thing wasn't worth the money - hahahaha. And we definitely did not believe that there were any fish THAT big in there.
We also thought that we would be smart this weekend and bring a tent for Miss M to sleep in so that she could take a nap, but (of course!) that didn't work and she was nap-free...until about 5pm or so when she crashed! Then she slept for about an hour, woke up, didn't want to go to bed at 9pm (we finally managed to get her to nod off and put her to bed) and then she woke up twice during the night. Arrrghhhh! I hate it when she doesn't get to nap! :(
More later! :)