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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade 2009

Went to Miss M's Halloween Parade at school today - lots of fun...almost all the kids were dressed up! and there were almost as many parents as there were kids! Cool because last year at her old school, I think that there was one other parent there besides me... Very nice.
I dressed her up as a princess - I actually made the big puffy skirt and the hat myself (thanks to last night!! sheesh - won't do that again - I was actually trying to fit it to her this morning because my guess-timate about her size was off a little bit - thank goodness for safety pins - I saw one other girl had them on her costume too!). She liked it -yeah!- but, not until it was finished. I kept explaining to her how it was going to go together, but I guess she couldn't see it.... Funny, once we got to school, she kept telling me -I need my one - and I couldn't figure it out...her one?...and then I got it - her WAND! Duh! I forgot it! what princess doesn't have a wand???? ;)
Next year, I really will try to start making her costume in the beginning of October just so this doesn't happen again. I also had to make little goodie bags for all the kids (thank goodness for WalMart, which makes me feel better about waiting until the last minute, because that place was MOBBED). I went all out - little stamps, markers, halloween rings, raisins, temporary tattoos and bubbles. Little did I know that just about every other parent was making goodie bags too!! I signed up on the list, but maybe I did it too late and no one noticed or something...I got the feeling that every holiday the other parents do this kind of stuff for all the kids (so - so - so nice - I feel like every week something (like this) that I see makes me happier and happier that we moved her to this new school).
Haven't decided what we are doing parents want me up at their house so that Miss M can trick or treat, but I feel like I would rather keep her close since even if she DOES go out, it's gonna be early, and we are gonna be home waiting until dark. And I worry about the whole conflict with trick or treating - - I can't imagine that she will come home with candy and really understand that I am gonna be throwing it all away - lol - sounds terrible, but it's the truth! My dad says that it would be fun for her to see all the other kids dressed up, and at first, I agreed with him, but the honest truth is she saw all that at school....I was thinking maybe the mall, but I know it will be crazy, so maybe the aquarium?? their special events are always fun for kids.... We will see!!!
More later! :)