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Sunday, November 29, 2009

T-day and Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

WOW! Thanksgiving weekend is now coming to a close... Miss M is finally asleep (late, late nap), but she is down and I have a minute here to myself.....aaahhhhh! Our Thanksgiving day was busy, but fun - - I, of course, tried some new recipes: thanksgiving tart (recipe from vegweb?), spiced acorn squash, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, and a vegan pumpkin/pecan pie (recipe from Everything came out sooo good. YEA!!! I didn't cook my pie the day before, so it wasn't QUITE cold enough, but it was dessert and it was still good.
Miss M had a good day, too. She hung out with my mom and dad all day and loved it...they never stop playing with her....hehehehehe. And, obviously, she really LOVES mashed sweet potatoes... hahahha. We didn't know. I don't usually cook them that way - guess I should do that more often.
Friday, I decided to just shop - on the internet ONLY - but, then found out the laptop that I wanted to buy could only be bought in the store! grrrr! So we mosied on over there and even though they had sold out of the laptops, I was able to get one (they had done some thing where you got in line, got a "certificate" for your computer and then came back and picked it up later and I guess that some people got certificates, but then never came back....they said they had a few computers and were holding them but the time had lapsed and they were giving them away to any one who asked or something like that). Anyways - I got a new laptop. It is soooo nice. I didn't think that I would enjoy using it so much, but I really do. And that's where I am now :) It's cool, it's an HP with a 17.3" screen and a webcam buit in (which is one of the big reasons that we bought it since are separate webcam on the desktop doesn't seem to work all the time anymore). And then we went over to Costco - holy flat screen TVs - seemed like everyone we saw had a flat screen. We just walked around and looked at stuff, mostly. We were just there to do regular shopping, not to pick up anything special.
Our CSA basket was full of leeks and lettuce again this past week - so I am making my famous leek and potato soup with salads on the side for dinner tonight. MMMMMM. Only thing is we end with leftovers when I make it and, I do believe, we are pretty left over-ed out. I don't think I will really have to cook at all for the rest of this week after this soups done. Hahahhaa. <- We will have to see how that goes over, I guess.
But, more later!