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Monday, November 16, 2009

So Much Fun at the Beach

We had such a fun Sunday - usually, we just laze around, maybe go for a walk or something - - we usually just do a whole lot of nothing.
But, this week, Saturday night, I saw the bike trailer and started thinking that we should use that thing already. SN got me that trailer for my bday and I got him the bike rack for the truck for his and I think we have used the trailer a total of three times, and the bike rack NOT EVEN ONCE!!! grrrr....
So, I guess it festered in my head because I got up Sunday morning and I was ready - I had the whole day planned out!!! :) We ended up going down to the beach and riding around for a couple hours, and then we ended up at the BBC for lunch - - mmmmm! I had wanted to go to Claire's at the LBMA - haven't been there yet and I know the view must be so nice and it must be relaxing with that waterfountain going....but, Claire's is not sentimental to us the way that the BBC is!!
We used to go to the BBC like every other week (sometimes every week!) for lunch so it is so nice to be able to go back once in awhile - they have expanded their bar area - - - not like I am gonna be sitting in it any time soon, but it does look nice and much less crowded... I got a veggie sandwich (which I could have made at home, which was disappointing - it was on whole wheat toast!), but the fries and black bean soup (that I shared with Miss M) rocked. No beers this trip out, but the ice tea was good since we were hot and tired. Miss M just wanted watermelon (she actually told us that she wanted "wattermelon" for lunch) and I don't know if the waitress overheard her, or if that is what their fruit plate usually looks like - but it was loaded with watermelon - - ahhhh! everyone was finally happy.
Then we got back on our bikes and we rode to this little playground near the start of the pennisula and let Miss M just run around and have fun (since she had been cooped up in that trailer most of the day - - I had been thinking that she would fall asleep and we could just ride around for awhile, but that never happened!!). She had a lot of fun. After awhile, we were tired, I was hot (when we left it was cold and I put on jeans and a long sleeve tshirt, but it ended up warming up after lunch and I didn't bring a change of clothes). Anyways - the whole point of this story was that Miss M probably told me about 10 times - I have so much fun at the beach today- :)
More later!