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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade

Took Miss M to the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade last Saturday. It was fun, but it was late and she was soooo tired (no nap during the day). I had to hold her so that she could see over the people in front of us, but she would see something, shoot her head up, maybe talk about it, be captivated by it for a few minutes, and then she would put her head on my shoulder and wait for the next float or group of people to walk by. She really seemed to like the drums and the buses. When the car from the Aquarium went by, it had fish on the side of it and she told me that she wanted to ride in the car. :)
After awhile, it just got to be too cold, and she was so tired, so we decided to leave. Instead of fighting the crowds on 2nd, we ended up walking down Division (oh, brings back memories!) and, lo and behold, there is Santa waiting inline to go down 2nd. So we got Miss M's attention. And I don't know where exactly she has been learning about Santa (I mean, we have been chatting it up a bit, but really not that much) - anyways she jerked her head up (by this time, SN was carrying her) and didn't take her eyes off him. Once we got up onto Livingston, he noticed her and they just waved back and forth and back and forth and then SN told her to blow him a kiss (which she did) and he caught it (!) and blew one back to her!!

On Sunday, she told us that she saw Santa. When the parade came on TV, we watched it for a little bit and she didn't seem all that interested, but when SN went to change the channel, she actually asked him to change it back!! Maybe she will remember after all. Funny, I was actually thinking that she might be a little too young to appreciate exactly all the Christmas stuff, but after this....hmmm...I don't think so!!
More later!