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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Things with Miss M

We have been having so much fun with Miss M lately - - I think it's just that she can talk (so much!) that we are really enjoying her being around even more because we can see more of her personality so much easier!!
I ask her questions about how something was, how something went, or how she is and she tells me
-it's great
-it's really great
-it's good
-i had fun
-i slept well (or very well)
-i'm wonderful
-i'm happy

And then she tells me things like - Mommy, I not cry anymore (when she has one of her terrible two jags and it's finally over).

Last night, she came out of her room and wanted some milk, so I gave it to her and she told me - Thank you, Mommy - And then she came back out of the hallway and told me - I no get out of my bed again - Then, like ten minutes later, I'm doing yoga and I look up and she is just standing there watching me and she says - Mommy, what you doing? You doing yoga, Mommy? Mommy, you doing yoga? - and she just cocks her head to one side....makes me laugh just writing it. She's so cute, and so curious, and soo soooooo smart! I love it.

Yesterday, she ran out of her bedroom when I was getting her ready for bed and she told SN - I have NO clothes on! Hahhahaa - and it's so funny because she says it like she is completely shocked or something. ...maybe just shocked that she can say what shes thinking / seeing / doing? I don't know. But, it does make up laugh. A lot.

Oh, we are having a great time with her.... And it's more fun everyday.