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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Hangover

Hahahaha! Christmas hangover is exactly how I feel - - basking in the glow of all my presents - and, of course, of the presents I have given. What a wonderful Christmas! Miss M had a TON of presents and that was fun. I'm not sure she can even remember everything that she got - will have to ask her tomorrow....if I remember.
She did get fun stuff: a stroller for her baby, a kiddie laptop (so she can play on her own laptop while I am on mine), a bingo game, checkers (which, suprisingly, she actually understands!), lots and lots of clothes, a necklace, new shoes, lots of dora toys, a new doll, and a little pony carousel - - and that's just the stuff that I remember!
And I got wonderful stuff - five (!) soy candles, that vegan bible - Veganomicon, a pressure cooker, two CDs (Franz F. and Kings of Leon), another
cookbook, a new wallet, new pieces of china, the perfume sampler from Sephora, and a (sigh!) Glen Ivy gift card. Then I went yesterday and got a beautiful pink smart phone. <- I wanted the new Sprint phone made with post consumer materials - but, grrrr, they were sold out! The guy told me that they have a list of people who are waiting for, I am on the list, but in the meantime, I am so so so happy with the new phone that I awesome! I love it! I used the pressure cooker today to make lentil soup (from, of course, Veganomicon). I also made the Cheezy Sauce and Broiled Tofu and the Tofu Florentine was for breakfast this morning....ahhhh! I love that book. Everything is so good.... Tomorrow is little Sean's bday party at my mom's and then Tuesday, I am taking Miss M to Disneyland (but, I think I will just drop her off with my parents and then come back home to clean and pay bills, and a little cooking...hahahhahaa - I don't think I will be able to resist!). Late, late, late right now. More later! :)