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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Brunch

The sunrises this last week and a half have been so beautiful they have made me want to pull out my camera and snap pics on my way to work....Of course, I wouldn't DARE actually do it since I need to get to work, not spend time taking pictures - hahahahha. It puts awe in my morning just knowing that something as simple as the sun coming up can be so absolutely beautiful! Today, though, it's raining! :(
Our weekend was busy, as usual. Went to the Mission Inn in Riverside for brunch on Sunday. I can not believe that I haven't been there for brunch before! The food was awesome. Every single time I went back to the tables, I grabbed some plantain mashed potatoes and some of this chinese noodle salad - I am trying to find a recipe so that I can make something like that noodle salad at home - - I could eat it for lunch every day!! The set up there is beautiful - we sat in the courtyard surrounded by the mission walls, on this little covered portion of the patio - there is a beautiful fountain in the middle of the courtyard, it's just very relaxing and serene. And the food - amazing - they have the tables laid out so that all the food is easy and accessible, no one is crowding around, you don't have to "fight" to get around people (like some brunches I have been at), and there is no waiting in lines since there is so much stuff and so much space.
Miss M liked it too! She mostly just ate fruit, but she also got pancakes (made to order). She did tell me that her dad's pancakes are better, but she still cleaned her plate. They also gave her a champagne flute (!) with sparkling cider so that she could have a place setting like everyone else! It was funny, she wanted to use the glass SO bad, but every time she would take a sip, she would pucker her mouth up and hold her lips (I think it was the carbonation!). It was funny to watch her!
I told SN that we would have to go there for brunch one day (he didn't make it, and I am sorry he missed it). I think that he would be impressed. Although, I think the $35 / person price tag puts him off a little bit...
More later!