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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beautiful Lunch Time Salad

Alright - I don't generally snap pics of my food here....I think this is the first time ever! But, this salad was sooo beautiful, I just couldn't resist - salad greens and radishes from my CSA basket, persimmons from the farmers market, raw walnuts, and clover sprouts with a mustard seed vinagarette (from the book Ani's Raw Food Kitchen). Wonderful and delicious!!! And at my desk at work!! It was a lunch-time treat!
I just got this book (Ani's) and it is great!! I also made the Pizza Cheeze tonight to put on a pizza for dinner and it was so good! Everything that I have made out of her book has been delicious (which I find to be a rare thing, indeed). She also has tons of info on the raw food life - not something I have completely commited to, but have a recent interest in exploring.... As a side note, this cheeze came out better than the other recipes that I have found to use on pizza - it was creamy, garlicky, and well seasoned without being heavy or salty!! MMMMM.....
I don't know if I am allowed to reprint the recipe here - so, let's just say macadamia nuts (from my CSA), garlic, basil, lemon juice, and...that's the idea....wonderful. I think I could also pass it off in lasagna!!! yum-yum!
More later!