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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tell Me Something About Your Day

Took Miss M to the park today (during a break in the rain) so that she could run around, play, and just GET OUT!!! :) She had a lot of fun, and she had the whole play ground to herself!!
When we got home, SN had dough rising (yes, MY hubby had DOUGH rising!!!!) to make pizza crusts from scratch. So instead of him going to TJs and buying pizza crust, he made his own! And, a fun treat, we each had our own individual pizzas! He roasted up tons of veggies and made a quick sauce. Miss M went first and she only added sauce and cheese (unfortunately, I had put a new Dora movie in before the whole pizza thing got started and THAT was what she was really interested in), I added grilled portabella mushrooms, red peppers, red onions, and red potatoes!!, and, I think, SN had sausage and mushroom. Then each pizza cooked individually on the pizza stone and was pulled out by the (new!) pizza puller outter thing that SN went and got today from Cost Plus <- it's actually very nice and meant that we had no burnt fingers today!!! Hahahahaha!
Afterwards, we had a wonderful time putting Miss M to bed - a long fun bath (which we usually don't have the time to do on the week days) and then a long fun story time with dad - and she was pooped by about 7:30!!! She fell right out. Ahhhhh!
So now, I'm here doing this, I can hear SN in the living room playing Bejeweled and everything else is nice in quiet. And, as usual, since she has gotten to bed early, we will most likely get to bed early, too!!
Tomorrow, I am planning to make granola bars (from the book RAWvolution) in the dehydrator that my dad lent me last weekend - we will see how that works out! I turned it on during the week and it sounds very quiet, but it also smells like something is burning (but, I guess that could be the motor that just hasn't been used in years.....we will see...SN told me that we had to be home when I ran it for the first time, just to make sure it doesn't "burn the whole place down"). This is my initial trial run to see if I would really buy one of my own - or if I think I would really use it enough to actually justify spending the money on it...I guess my raw food journey continues!!
And, before I forget, something Miss M asked me last week -Mommy, tell me how your day was. And I said -My day was good. And she said -No, tell me about your day at work. And after I told her some things, she said -I have something to tell you about my day!!! I LOVE IT.
More later!!!