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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Cooking" through RAWvolution

I was planning last week to make those granola / breakfast bars from RAWvolution by Matt Amsden, but I never got around to it. I did, however, make the Avacado Tortillas from another book that I got from the library. They came out really good - - but, I can't remember which book that was from. I am pretty sure that since that book is not standing out in my mind, that must be the only thing that I made from it!! I have been using the tortillas as "roll ups" for a salad/snack in the afternoons. It's nice, but did make me realize that I don't really like using the dehydrator all that much (maybe a different model would change my mind???). Seemed like it was a lot of work for what I got out of it...

Since I am thinking about new recipes, I also made the Marinated Bok Choy Salad from RAWvolution - - and that recipe is definitely a keeper. Miss M didn't like it very much, but SN and I ate up a whole thing of Bok Choy that night - it was delicious. That is the kind of salad that I could make once every week or so and it wouldn't get old - and it is easy and fast to put together. We also enjoyed the Creamy Cabbage Coleslaw from the same book. That was a little more work, but gave me a good reason to use up the radishes that I had sitting in the fridge. SN didn't like that salad quite as much, but it was nice for a weeknight dinner. The very first thing I made out of this book was the Cucumber Dill Salad - Miss M and SN both liked it and it was (again) fast and easy to make for a weeknight side. I am planning on making the Broccolini Salad tomorrow night with our dinner (that was Miss M's choice - she picked out the broccolini on our last shopping trip!).
We were a little bit disappointed in the Sunflower Seed Cheese - - it sounds great, but tasted way toooooo salty. I was trying to convince myself that I could use it for sandwhich spreads or something later in the week, but I realized that was just wishful thinking - I ended up throwing the whole batch away.
I didn't get around to trying the Ranch dressing or the Borscht OR the Chicken-less Noodle Soup or the Vegetable Soup - - which all sound devine!!! So, I can definitely see myself checking this book out from the library again to try a few more recipes.... Oh yeah, the Cream of Celery Soup would be great this weekend - - I have two bunches of celery that I don't have plans for!! So I think that I will just make a quick list of everything else in the book that I wanted to try...when I have time, I will come back to this book and finish cooking from it: Apple Cookies, Apple Tart, Stir Not-Fry, Soft Taco with Fresh Tomato Salsa, Falafel, and Zucchini Pasta Alfredo, Mock Tuna Salad, and the Marinated Greens Salad.
Wow - I have more stuff that I want to try than I actually got around to "cooking", but I will look forward to checking this book out from the library again.
More later!