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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little girl needs her naps!!!

My SN made us a beautiful broccoli soup this weekend, courtesy of Veganomicon! This soup is so wonderful - it's velvety, smooth, minty, and a bit savory (with dill). Very delicious. He made a big batch of it and we both had some for dinner on Saturday night and have been taking it to work for lunch during the workdays.
Spent Saturday at mom and dad's, but we didn't do much at all. Walked over to Sam's Club and just kind of browsed around - mom wanted to show me some jeans and new shoes (which, of course, I got - new TerraSoles - they are ecofriendly, and animal friendly, and I LOVE THEM!! So cool - I checked the TerraSoles website after I bought them and they are actually TWICE as much on the website compared to what they were at Sams - - I am seriously thinking about going and buying another, "backup" pair). It was supposed to rain and I think we were really waiting for it to happen. But, it didn't ever really start. Miss M fell asleep on the way home, which was quiet, but nice. She woke up, but didn't stay up very late - she's been trying to get out of naps daily, but she sleeps so well every night!!! Seems like she is getting the same amount of nighttime sleep as she was getting before, so a nap would still be a really good thing (I think)..... And when she doesn't nap, she falls asleep at the most inopportune times - - namely, once she gets too tired to hold her head up anymore!!! She fell asleep last night on the way home from school. But, she wasn't in a deep enough sleep that I was actually able to get her into bed and not wake her up.... We ended up putting her down at the regular time and she was up this morning before 6! My little girl needs her naps!!! :(
More later!