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Monday, March 1, 2010

Sid the Science Kid (at AOP)

Had so much fun last Friday - - picked Miss M up from school, went to the library (our normal after-school trek) and she got her own library card! Then, she told me that she didn't want to go home yet, but I guess she forgot that it was the night that Sid the Science Kid was going to be at the AOP! I called SN to see if he wanted to go - I forgot to tell him about it in any detail...I think I had casually mentioned it in passing a few weeks earlier. So, he decided to stay late at work and Miss M and I went out for dinner (CPK - yum, yum - Miss M was soooo good - she ordered all her own food and "thank you"s everytime - - aaahhhh! makes me so totally proud!!!) and then we went over to the AOP.
It was pretty much like any other kid's event that they have - special food (ie - mac n cheese), a craft, face painting, and see the live, colorful shrimp that they have on display in one small tank... They usually have classes and movies for the older kids, well older than mine (!), but since most of these events don't start until 6:30, it's hard for us to do everything anyways. But, the big event of the night was that they had Sid there. He was tall - bigger than me - but, the kids all loved him!!! We got in line so that Miss M could say hello. We got part way down the line (not quite half) when Miss M decided that she just wanted to stand and watch him. She had a good vantage point, and she waved a few times, but he never saw her (I don't think that she really noticed that, though). Finally, she decided that she wanted to give him a hug, so we got back into the line and started moving towards the front...and they gave the guy a break!!! sheesh! We hung out for probably five or ten minutes after his break started, but Miss M kept asking where he was, so I finally suggested that we walk around and do something else...she never asked about him again - she was too busy with other stuff (including, sometimes, just walking around looking at things!!!
She ended up making this hat that was just a black band with a pipecleaner stuck in the front and a cotton ball-thingy on the end that would hang down in front of the kids' faces.... I don't know if they do the same things over and over every year, or if they just have someone really creative working there to think up crafts. But, both times that we have been there for something like this - - the crafts have been a big hit with Miss M!!!

Very fun!
More later!!