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Monday, April 19, 2010

Back Home

So we have been in the Falls for awhile and we just got back last week. We had tons of fun - took Miss M swimming (in an indoor pool while it was freezing outside), to the Buffalo Zoo, to the Falls to walk (and run!) around, and to the bowling alley. While we were there, we celebrated Easter with egg coloring, then an Easter egg hunt the next day with all of her little cousins. It was so nice Easter weekend that we stayed outside all day and just hung out and then in the evening, someone started a fire and we sat around that talking. Miss M had so much fun with her cousin T. that they were just about inseparable the whole time...too bad for Miss M that T. was still in school, but she still got to see her just about every day. M. even got to go "bowling" at Al's house with the new Wii. Very fun - we got to try it too, but not too much because the kids really wanted to play - lol.
It was nice to see everyone and hang out and everyone had a good time with Miss M - - especially once she warmed up to everyone. Grandma D. was very happy that Miss M was so taken with "her" room and she really seemed to love it - - she showed it to everyone and anyone who asked (and that made D. proudest of all). :)
While we were there we also got to celebrate SN's bday and Frank's as well - - lots of cake to go around. I felt like I gained about 10 pounds being there - - because just like always there was so much food, so many sweets, and so much wine! mmmm! hahahahha.
Glad to be home and back on our normal routine, but we miss everyone back there and that's the hardest part - knowing that it will be awhile before we are back again. Aunt Margie wants us to go back again in August (family reunion), but I think it will be Christmas before we get there again - at least we will get to go TWICE this year! Yeah! ..and nice for Miss M, especially.
Now that D. has her computer and skype working, we will be able to have Miss M. see everyone every weekend. Sunday, we did it for the first time and everyone was there - Grandma, Papa, Brenda, Al, Ronnie, Ron, Tori, Dave, Laurie, and Great Grandma. So funny - the whole time, M. hardly talked and then T. got on and she couldn't stop talking. :) D. had to get back on and ask her what the deal was - very funny. Then, T. and M. just made funny faces at each other for like 10 minutes. But, she loved it so we will try to make sure she gets to do it every weekend!

More later!