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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Birthday & Other Interesting Things

So my birthday was about two weeks ago - and I haven't had time to write until now.... I am 36 now - wow! ;)
On the 7th, we went to Miss M's school for a Mother and Grandmother's Day breakfast. It was very nice - they brought in Starbucks coffee, Mimi's muffins and a whole tray of strawberries. We all sat and ate and then the kiddies got together in front of the class and sang a couple of songs and then the moms went out with them and did the hokey-pokey dance (not kidding!). The kids also made sashes for the moms to wear that said Great Mom, made frames with their pics inside, and then her teacher went around and took pics and then sent those home later in the week. It was a very nice morning. My mom came with me and she had a nice time, too. She was glad to *finally* get to see Miss M's school and what she is doing there. And Miss M was happy to have us there, and kept showing my mom stuff - - and then she got lost running around with her friends and Mom and I just hung out (at the little tables, in the little chairs, trying not to bash our knees in - hahahha!). Afterwards, Mom and I were going to lunch at Claire's at the Long Beach Museum of Art - I thought that would be a treat since I had never been before, and I was really looking forward to it. But, we walked out of MCDC at like 9:15 or 9:30 and didn't really have a plan for anything but lunch.
We ended up cruising down to 2nd Street and just walking around, looking at all the new shops - and do I mean NEW! A new gourmet grocery store (olives), olive oil tasting at We Olive, and purse shopping at some new place that is right next to Romance, Etc. We also hit our old favs - Ferns Garden, the body shop, Romance, Etc., and just looked around at everything else. :) Very nice, relaxing and fun. I realized part way through that my usual shopping events involved Target and Vons lately - and that isn't all the fun that walking around, window shopping is!
Next was lunch at Claires - which was VERY good. I can totally see why it's award winning. Will definitely be back there. I had a roasted veggie sandwich with a hummus appetizer. For dessert we shared a creme brulee (won't be having that again, though).
Saturday, my parents came over and we went to this little italian restaurant that I drive by all the time on the way to the library - Trattoria Limone. Very good, very nice. For my bday I got great stuff - a new apron that my mom made for me, a new beach hat, some beautiful Pfaltzgraff salad bowls, fun new tea and cookies from SN, and then he broke out the killer present - a 1.0 carat anniversary band!!! Wow! (That was actually supposed to be for our anniversary, but I guess he got present (and excitement!) overload, and gave it to me early) Knocked me out of the park - even though I knew it was coming - I hadn't expected it to be so brilliant. I love it!
More later!