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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Miss M's Bday

So we spent the Monday night before Miss M's bday getting everything ready, decorating the house (mostly the dining room, but also her bedroom doorway), getting all the presents wrapped and setting it all up for her to see as soon as she woke up in the morning. It was very fun - - and she was surprised by it all; however, I think she may have been expecting it because she told me that the whole house would be decorated for her bday - hahahhah! Guess she DOES remember last year!
She got tons of stuff - $$ from Great Grandma & A. Margie, a full ballerina outfit (including shoes!) from G. Donna, A. Brenda sent a Dora hula skirt, a Dora bathing suit, and a Dora nightgown, C. Ky got her a Kohls gift card, and then we got her fun stuff - books, markers, floaties for the pool, stuff like that. She seemed to have a very good time and really enjoy herself. I still haven't taken everything down yet (SN said to just leave it all up for my bday - hahahahhaa - guess I wanted a princess themed party too!). Will probably do that this week when I clean.
We also got her an icecream cake - she had that candle blown out and was licking frosting off of it in no time. :)
U. Mike called to wish her happy bday and C. Sean sang to her! A. Brenda called and she did good talking to her, but by the time G. Donna called, she was so busy playing with everything and looking at stuff that she couldn't talk to her!!
She had a great time - and we feel so lucky to have our little baby.

My little girl is THREE and she gets smarter and funnier and more beautiful allllll the time!!
More later!