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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My mommy is here, that's my mommy!

Busy weekend! (again! hahahah)

Last Friday, we did Miss M's bday at school - she wanted Mac n Cheese with Fruit and Cupcakes. I never really thought about it before, but it's a lot of work to make mac n cheese for 20 kids all at once!! I used a big 6 qt stock pot and cooked it all up, got a big fruit tray from the grocery store and made cupcakes right before I left to take everything to her school. She had a nice time celebrating her bday, they sang to her and she got to show her class pics from when she was a baby until right now!! Then they had her dance around a little bit and they sang her Happy Birthday - they even gave her a little (paper) crown to wear for the day (they told me that she wore it ALL day!). She had a great time and then she got to pick the order for the kids to go and wash their hands to get ready for lunch. During lunch, I sat with her, but she had fun with all the other kids and, really, just getting to be the center of attention. I was amazed at how nice and orderly lunchtime is at her school. The kids were excited and talking a lot and asking a lot of questions, but they were still good and stayed at their tables - I was very impressed. The best part of the whole thing (for me) was when I first walked into the room and one of the little kids said, Is that Morgan's mom? ..and she looked around and saw me and came running over. Then she went back to the circle and I heard her saying - My mommy is here, that's my mommy! Ahhhh - I loved it.

Saturday, my mom took us for tea to celebrate her bday - very nice - we went to a new place in Claremont that was small, but nice. They gave Miss M her own tea pot (with pink lemonade) and a little matching cup and saucer. They had lots of little pb&j sandwich triangles and nice fruit and cookies, all set up in a tiered-style serving tray. She really enjoyed it - - and one of the desserts was a lollipop (which is her new favorite treat next to candy bracelets!) and that was the icing on the cake for her. After awhile, she got a little bit bored, so we went outside and ran around and looked at things, and then went back to get my mom. My parents gave her lots of nice presents - a dress for her with a matching one for her doll, books, and a digital kids camera (that also shoots videos!!), and this frame that held three pics of her and my mom cross stitched her name at the bottom.

Sunday, we went down to Carlsbad for the street fair. It was nice but very crowded. We stopped on the way down at Starbucks and shared a mini chocolate donught, mini vanilla scone, and a berry crumb cake. It meant that we got off to a slow start getting down to Carlsbad, but we enjoyed ourselves along the way!! After we got tired of the fair (it's like six or seven blocks long and two blocks wide with vendors along every sidewalk and then down the middle of the street), we went down towards the beach a block and found this little plaza with restaurants and a fountain and just hung out there for awhile...and then we finally went home. Miss M fell asleep on the way, but woke up in time to play with dad for awhile and then we all got ready for the coming week!

More later!