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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bike Riding Adventures

Went to the park last Sunday to just run around - and again this past Sunday for some bike riding fun with the new Dora bike!! :) Miss M loved it. We went to El Dorado Park and they have this little roundabout at the end of the "street". We actually drove around that thing for probably 1/2 an hour - - and she just had so much fun. She did fall down once - she was turning around too fast and she just tipped over. At first, I thought that she was going to cry, she was a bit shaken up, but turns out that's all it was - - I brushed her off and asked her if she was done or if she wanted to get back on and keep going...and she wanted to get back on!! Yay! Next time, we will have to try a park that has more actual trails so that we have somewhere to go instead of around in circles...
Afterwards we went to lunch at the Factory - - I was disappointed...I have been waiting to go to this place for MONTHS and it really wasn't all that great....Although, I think I would probably go back again just to give it one more chance - - and the fact that not only did they have kids menus, but had peanut butter and honey (!) sandwiches on their menus scores extra points with me - - lol.

Also tried to continue my weekend crafting adventures, but I got caught up with being at the park all morning - - hahaha. I did start making a TeaRoseHome ruffle tee that I was really excited about. However, I sewed the first row of ruffles and realized that it didn't look right. I took all the stitches out to re-do it and decided that maybe I should spend some time doing other things (that NEEDED to be done) and then re-visit the tee when I have more time....And since that probably won't happen until next Friday, I guess I will just have a new shirt to wear on the weekend!!!
More later! :)