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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Hour Sundress

So I continued on with my weekend crafting projects on Saturday by making the One Hour Sundress from - it really was simple and beautiful (and easy to make). The directions were so clear and easy to follow. Whenever I got stuck, I just refered back to the pictures or re-read the description and I was back on track. Very exciting. Miss M might just end up with a BUNCH of these sundresses - lol.
She did wear the dress for the first time yesterday and she seemed very impressed that she could put it on by herself!! :) I like that and so does she!
I have more ideas for things to make for this weekend, but I also want to start going through closest and cleaning up in general (which could take me most of the day on Friday), so we will see how much actual sewing takes place....but, I am READY, just in case I have some more free time! Hahaha!
We also went to the AOP on Sunday - - which was nice...we probably haven't been there in over a month. However, it was VERY crowded and there was a festival going on and they had crafts inside. It's not as much fun to be there when the place is wall to wall with other people. We started off with lunch in the Scuba Cafe - - I had a Minestrone soup (which, amazingly!, I have never had before). It was delicious. I think that I have my new favorite dish to eat there - - my pb&j sandwich has been replaced, I guess. hahahaha. Unfortunately, I think we went at just the wrong time for Miss M. We were probably there about 1/2 an hour when she started whining and crying and deciding that "NO" was her new favorite word! :( It wasn't until I got us back to the car that I realized that it was nap time.  :(  Next time, we will be leaving earlier and getting home earlier, and hopefully, that will make everyone happy!
More later!  :)