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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

Last night, we had breakfast for dinner (sort-of)! I made crispy potatoes in a skillet, added some fresh green beans and while all that was cooking up, baked up some tofu (eggs benedict style). It was delicious! And even though I made extra tofu to use on the weekend, SN ate ALL of it!! Hahahaha! Everyone said that it was good. It was like diner food (plus the green beans). I had planned on also making squash, since it's clearly the season - I think I have five or six zucchini and one yellow squash right now - - but, I was so excited about the potatoes and tofu that I completely forgot!!! :(
Spent the last Saturday with Don and Roxana at their house. We were all supposed to go fishing, but when Miss M heard that K. got a pool, she didn't want to go fishing anymore. Which I guess was a good thing because it was SOOOO hot! We didn't get back home until after 9pm!! Sheesh!
Sunday, we hung out all day and did nothing mostly....which was nice and relaxing. Ahhhhh! Then on Sunday night, we decided to go to The Factory for dinner. I have been wanting to go to this place ever since I found it!!! They have a great policy about using all local products and they even do cooking classes for kids, weekend bike rides, have live bands, and a nice big outdoor seating area with couches and umbrellas! I could not wait to get in there and try something. About 4:30 we got going and got over there - - and what do you know? On Sundays, they close at THREE pm!!!! Arrrrggghhh! (maybe another weekend?)  So we cruised over to the Pasta Cafe (where we went for my birthday - - and it's close by). And - of course - something happened over there (there was a note on the front door) and they were closed too!!!  :(
I was out of ideas of where to go - there are a lot of good places to eat in Bixby, but no where else that I really, really, really wanted to go. Then SN suggested Ferraros!!!! Yum! I never think of that place because it's so out of the way, but the food is sooooo delicious. I got the mushroom pasta and I ate a ton of it and then took the rest of it home. Ironically, it was also my plan to make mushroom pasta on Monday (so instead - I just heated that up and there was enough for all 3 of us to share it and be full). Yummy, yummy.
Tonight for dinner, I am planning to take Miss M to this place in HB called the Secret Spot. It's supposed to have a nice "view" since it's right next to Bolsa Chica - - and they, supposedly, have the best vegan cookies. :)  We will find out tonight! I figure if the view isn't great, we can just cross the street and go sit on the beach! <~ Which would probably be more fun for her anyways!
And....I think I finally broke my baby of her bottle habit!!!! Whoooo-hooooo! It's been almost a full week now and she is no longer drinking a bottle in bed at all...she still likes one at night, but before she gets into bed.....and on the mornings that she is with me, she doesn't even ask for one anymore. AAAhhhhh! I am so relieved...I was thinking that she was going to be one of those kids who at 8 is still drinking out of a bottle - lol.
Also - Miss M just started ballet and tap classes. I didn't push her into it or even encourage her at all. She just decided that she wanted to do it :)  She looks so great in her little leotard and ballet shoes and she loves it so much. And she wants to tap dance every night in the kitchen. She doesn't know much, but she loves what she does know.
More later!   :)