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Friday, September 24, 2010

I've Been Tagged!!

I've been tagged!!! I love it! :)

The money saving gurus over at Married With Coupons have tagged me in their blog! If you are looking for a great way (and a no nonsense approach!) to saving money, you must check out their site! The "Hubby's Point of View" section is a good read for their savings philosophy and puts the real idea of saving and why you should save into your head. Dawn's "How To" sections are informative and written like an email from a friend. The coolest thing about their blog is that it isn't some overwhelming practice and they aren't "starving" themselves so that they can save money - - they just find a way to save on all the things they do. So - a must read if you are interested in saving money in LOTS of ways.
Thanks again guys!!

Here are the questions that Hubby and Wifey at MWC asked me:

Which do you prefer Twitter or Facebook? Facebook!

How do you prefer your coffee, hot or iced? hot in the mornings, iced in the afternoons

How many states have you lived in? ONE

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? picnic on the living room floor with a new movie

How many states have you visited? almost all of them

First word that comes to your head now is... funny

What is your favorite holiday? My Birthday!!!

Glass.. half empty or half full? half full  :)
If you were tagged, answer accordingly - please.  :)   And for everyone else...answer the questions, too, if you want! It would be fun to see the answers...I will post the funniest ones in a week or so!
More later!! :)