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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We are a Bottle Free Family!!! :)

Busy, busy this week!
Hoping to have another tutorial up by this weekend!

We are FINALLY a bottle free household - yay! I told Miss NoNo that she could leave her bottles for the "bottle fairy"...we would put all the bottles in a bag by the bed and in the middle of the night, the bottle fairy would come to take the bottles and give them away to babies that needed bottles still - and! - the fairy would leave her a bag full of presents. I thought that we would have a problem with the whole thing, but she took to it like it was no problem at all. We set it all up Sunday night and I traded out the bottles with some books, stickers, Dora stick on earrings, a Dora ring, and some new clothes. She was SOOOO excited in the morning...Well, initially, she forgot about it all, but she also forgot to ask for a bottle. About an hour after she got up, she remembered! She was happy all day yesterday. I did hear her ask Mr. NoNo for a bottle this morning, but when he reminded her about the bottle fairy, she asked if she could have a sippy cup....Whoo!
We may have to have an intervention with the "sippy cup fairy" in a couple months, but I am happy the bottles are now a thing of the past....Since she is 3 and all....  :)

On another note, Miss NoNo has been saying a lot of funny things to me lately:
  • She told me that if I couldn't find something maybe it was because the "house fairy" came and took it because I didn't put it away
  • She told me one day that I needed to wait patiently for my turn
  • She told me that she would let me know when I could help her with something
  • She told me that she doesn't like walking, she likes to be pushed in the stroller
  • ...and she told me that she is having a party tonight and inviting all her friends over
Lol - what else can I say? hahahaha!
More later!