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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Meals Round 3

I got this idea for a great dinner from Parents Magazine or - I can't remember where I found it. But, as soon as I saw it, I KNEW it would be just perfect for Miss No-No!!!
...and you know it worked out well for a weeknight meal - quick and easy - just my style! This was supposed to be a monster face, but my creative side (and girly side!) took over and it ended up being a crazy little (scary?) girl monster.

Monster Face Tostada

1 corn tortilla
refried beans
shredded carrots and lettuce
tops of trimmed lettuce leaves
tomato slices
black beans

Toast tortilla in a dry skillet and set aside to cool while you cut up the veggies. I cut everything by hand except for the carrots - I used a mandoline for those so they would all be the same.
Cut tomato slices in half. Use left over carrot piece to make a bow.
Spread a little bit of beans on to the plate and place the tortilla on top (the beans will hold the tortilla to the plate). Add halved tomato slices for ears and two halved slices for the mouth. Put black beans (standing up) into the "mouth" and add a little mound for "eyes". Trim a small piece of carrot into a triangle for the nose. Add trimmed, curling pieces of tops of lettuce leaves for hair then add shredded lettuce and carrots on top of curled pieces to make hair standing up. Put a small bundle of shredded lettuce off to one side of the "hair" and put the trimmed carrot "bow" on top of that so it stands out from the hair.
Serve to hungry little girls.  :)

For Miss No-No's lunch, I made an almond butter and jelly sandwich on homemade bread, a cup of raisins and dried cranberries, raw tofu cubes, and a silly face with sliced cucumbers (3 or 4 each) stacked for the eyes, black beans for the "pupils", one small carrot trimmed down for the nose, and a slim strip of celery bent to make the smile. I held the carrot and celery in place using (cashew) cheese (left over from the last two nights) so that it wouldn't move around during the day!

More later!! :)