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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Meals Round 4

I was so excited about my week of Halloween treats / dinners / lunches that I decided to be really "pro-active" last week and make pumpkin ravioli for dinner Thursday night!! hahahahaa....  Let me tell you that 1-this is NOT a dish to make on a busy weeknight when you are rushing to get dinner on the table and 2-maybe (just maybe) practicing the dish on a weekend first (so I could get the CORRECT technique down) would have been a good idea. Sheesh!
I went to all that trouble to make the ravioli, but I guess I wasn't paying attention or something, and I didn't seal them quite right. After I went to boil them, I ended up with mounds of pasta and pumpkin water (because all the fillings leaked out during the boiling!!). Arrgghhhh! Only three raviolis ended up being marginally good enough to waaa-laaaa - appetizers! ...good thing that there are only three of us!!

But, Miss No-No had a good lunch that day so I wasn't too worried about dinner being a little bit late. Almond butter and jelly pumpkin face sandwich with ghost face applesauce and cucumbers and carrots. :) She ate everything except a couple of the carrots.

Hope everyone has a great, safe, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

More later!!!! :)