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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Night

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween!!! We had so much fun!! This is the first year that I took Miss No-No trick or treating!! There was a street by our house where all the businesses handed out candy and that's where we went. It was nice and fun to see everyone in costumes (even a lot of the parents dressed up - but, obviously, I didn't). But, free candy = crowded streets - lol. Everyone was out. You would have thought you could only get candy for free and only on Halloween the way some people were lined up...but, it was during the day and safe, so it was easy on everyone.
As we were walking to the street with the businesses, I saw one house that already had a basket of candy out so I told Miss No-No to go up and see what was in the basket. She walked right up there, looked in, saw that there was candy, looked back at me, and reached in and just took ONE. She got back to the street, and kept checking in her pumpkin basket. Then, she looked up at me and she said, "Mom, if you see another one of those baskets, you let me know, okay?"
I was worried that she would be intimidated by the crowds, or by the people that she didn't know, or by the scary costumes, because she is only THREE, but she seemed fine!! There was even one guy that was really tall with a costume that was a little bit scary - I was trying to steer her around the guy, but she caught a glimpse of him and wouldn't stop staring.... She ended up walking right up to the guy and telling him that she liked his costume!!
After we hit like the third business, and she had four of five pieces of candy, we were walking towards the next one, she told me, "I just love this trick or treating thing." It was so cute and made me feel so glad that I had taken her down to do it and be a part of it. When we got home, she went through all the candy and was passing it out to us (I think she may have thought if she shared it, I would let her eat a lot of it!). But she had fun and I am so glad that she did!

Earlier in the day, we did pumpkin carving. I know, I know, late....but, our pumpkins rot if they are left out for a week, so we decided to just do them the morning of Halloween. We had Miss No-No help pull out the seeds, and she kept telling us, "It's sooo gooooooey!"

More later!! :)