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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas to-do list

Ohhhhhh - the joy!!!
I am DONE with my Christmas cards! I just finished them up right now.  :) Yay!
I still have to make cookies.....hmmmm....don't know how many of THOSE will actually get done this year....Thank goodness for my mom - she made LOTS of cookies this year...I will be passing those along. Which actually works out good since my mom is a much better baker than me! And...since it was almost 90 degrees today, it's hard to get in the mood to bake when my kitchen is warm before I even get started... (excuses? excuses? hahahaha)
I also have all my shopping done and everything that needs to be mailed out is gone! It feels good to have almost everything done so early!!!
I can spend this next week (mostly) just relaxing, kicking back and getting back to my usual schedule.

How are your Christmas plans coming? Still have lots on your to-do list?

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More later! :)