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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yay! I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack!!!!

I had some personal things to take care of and had to take some time "off" from blogging to get things handled here at home. But, now I am back - - and I am soooo happy about it!!!
Here's what we have been doing since I have been away:
We made a cool bento for Miss No-No the day before Thanksgiving:

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went up to see my cousins who have RVs and rented campsites to hang out at all week. It was so much fun to just relax and have a nice time. Miss No-No got to play with my cousin's daughter (who is about a year older than her) and they were inseparable the whole time! It worked out so well, and I had so much fun, we have already rented a space there for next year. I am renting an RV for us tomorrow so that we can reserve it for that weekend. Which means.....1 - we will be there with my cousins next year, 2 - Miss No-No will get to spend some more quality time with her cousin Ava, 3 - Miss No-No and Mr. No-No will get to have fun camping in an RV for the first time, and 4 - we will be having Thanksgiving dinner at a campsite!!! hahahahaha! That will be a fun change!!!

We went to a birthday party for one of Miss No-No's friends. This place was crazy!!! It's this big warehouse that's divided into a couple of rooms. And in each of the rooms they have these HUGE bounce houses!! In the first room, there was a small obstacle course, and then a very big obstacle course. There was also a covered "house" that was like a little basketball court inside (complete with hoops and balls). The second room had another, bigger obstacle course, a small boxing ring with huge boxing gloves and headgear, and then this unbelievable slide - you had to climb up on to this small trampoline and then up through this lattice style maze (straight up) probably about 30 feet and then go down this huge slide (Miss No-No didn't even try to go through that last one!). She had so much fun. I went in some of the houses with her, but I think that a couple of the dads there had more fun than the kids - because some of those guys were into EVERYTHING - hahahhaa!! Afterwards, all the kids went into another room where they had pizza, fruit, and cake. ...and then the present-opening-event began!!! :)

She loved it! She told us that next time she has a birthday, she wants to have it there!!! And I can totally understand why! :)

And, we just spent some time relaxing, being a family together, and being VERY thankful for the love and goodness that is so awesome in our lives!!!

More later! :)