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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boston Trip 2011

In April, my whole family went to Boston, MA, to hang out and see what was there (we had never been there before). This was our Family Trip 2011! We go somewhere every year and that was the spot that was picked this year. We had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of things.

We spent the first day just walking around and kind of getting oriented. We had lunch at the Quincy Market. Even though it was very cold, there was a lot going on - - street performers, singers, and lots of people to sit and watch as they rushed by. I think that this spot is more for tourists than anything for locals (seems like the local spots were surrounding this place), but it was still fun to browse around and look.
That evening, we snuck into the little Italy section for dinner and dessert! The following day, we headed up to Salem to walk around, eat candy, and let the kids just run without worrying about them. It's nice that Salem is so close to downtown Boston. In downtown, we worried about the kids, but in Salem, it's so relaxed and kick back, we were able to just let them go!

We also stopped by the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the park - - more than once - - we even went one time in the rain! My mom reads the story to the kids all the time, so they just couldn't get enough of it.

And we saw this cool, little lighthouse. Mr. No-No proposed to me at the base of a lighthouse so if we go somewhere and see one, I usually try to get a good picture of it!

We also ate tons of awesome food, walked around at Fenway Park, went to the Sam Adams brewery (where we actually saw the two brewers featured in the Sam Adams commercials! and then drank FREE beer!), walked through the financial district, walked through Chinatown (the third largest in the US), and went to Cheers - twice. One night, we did "happy hour" in our hotel - cocktails and desserts from a bakery in Little Italy while the little ones ran their energy out and we all just talked and laughed about stuff. Overall, it was a cool trip. Downtown Boston is actually small enough that we were able to walk around most of the time and still get to see everything that we wanted to.
Can't wait for next year's trip!!

What's the best trip you have taken so far this year?
Do you have an upcoming vacation that you are looking forward to?

More later! :)