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Friday, June 10, 2011

What Are YOU Reading Friday?

I am still on my self-help kick with my books!!! :)
I have been listening to this financial expert, Dave Ramsey, on the radio lately when I am in the car and he is on. He seems really smart, he seems to have some sage advice for people, and he's really inspirational. I enjoy listening to him and the advice that he has to give to help people stay financial "fit" - - which is really cool.
So, I decided to check out some of his books. I was able to find all of these at the library!

One is a workbook, which, unfortunately, I won't be writing in since it's a library book! But I still get the idea of what he is saying.
He has one motto that he says over and over again which really resonates with me. He says, "Live today like no one else so that tomorrow you can live like no one else". Meaning: live on less today (even if people tease you or make fun of you) so that you can live like royalty on your savings / retirement once you are older. I love it and it makes a lot of sense.
Now I just have to convince Mr. No-No to be on the same plan - hahahhaa!

In these times, it seems like everyone is cutting back - or maybe considering cutting back.
Do you find yourself in the same position? or in the same boat?
What things do you find yourself doing for your family to make sure that your future is financial secure?

Thanks for all your comments on my last reading post, about Twitter Power 2.0. Seems like a lot of people were in the same boat as me - needing some help with Twitter and how to use it effectively! I hope (when you guys have time) you are able to at least grab that book and thumb through it to pick up some useful tips!

Have a great weekend!!!
More later! :)