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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Save Money at College

As you all know, I am all about living a richer life! It's something that I truly believe in - my life is richer because I keep my family healthy, spend time doing things that I love, and save money doing it all. And, basically, saving money keeps you richer - financially and emotionally!

If you are going to be in college or have a student going to college (or continuing college) this year, I have a great way for you to save some MAJOR money!!! :)

I remember being in college and spending $80, $90, or more (!) for some of my textbooks. Sometimes, I would buy books used, but after I found pages missing out of books, I decided that buying new was the way to go. Taking a full class load each session would mean that I would easily be paying $500 - $600 just for books. During the term, I would carefully use the books and treat them like gold (because they were!). At the end of the term, I would rush back to the bookstore to sell them back, hoping to get the highest possible price. Those books were an "investment" for the coming session. Selling all my books back might mean that I would be able to get another book for the next session for "free".
However, I do remember occasionally going to sell my books back only to discover that either the buy back rate had dropped drastically or that a new edition had come out and I was selling my book back for next to nothing. It was such a disappointment!
And, in those poor college days where I felt like I was always scrounging to make ends meet, to have money for a healthy dinner, to have money for clothes - or sometimes, money just for a coffee at school with my friends, not being able to "make" that money back killed me. Just the thought of having to buy another new book was disappointing.

If you are in school, have a spouse at school, or a child in school, maybe you are in this boat right now...and know the crushing disappointment that comes with buying a book and keeping your fingers crossed hoping that you will be able to sell your books back to the bookstore, then YOU KNOW what I am talking about!!

What about renting your books? Yes, you read that right! Renting is a great option for books that you will only need to keep for a little while. And it alleviates the hassle of having to worry about returning your books!!! It's a guaranteed "return"!! Well, where does one rent books? How about checking out Campus Book Rentals? It's an ON-LINE college textbook rental site. Books can be rented by the semester, quarter, or the summer; you can highlight in the books; shipping is free to get the books and return them; and if you change classes and/or don't need the book for the whole term, you can return it (within 30 days) for FREE.

I was a science major when I was in college and I found a Microbiology book on the site that has a list price of $190, but can be rented for just $45.74 for the quarter!! That's a savings of nearly $150!!! This Biology book has a list price of $169, but can be rented quarterly for just $59!! But they don't just have science books - pick your major, and Campus Book Rentals has you covered!! And, if you decide that you DO want to keep a certain book, you pay the difference and the book is yours!
Also - Campus Book Rentals has a referral program, coupons, AND monthly giveaways! They have worked with students on over 5,000 campuses so far!! You can even get started by selling the books you currently have back to them!!!

Let's start saving some money and living a richer life TODAY!!