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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Week of Menu Ideas - Sloppy Joes, Stir Fry, and Sweet Potatoes

We spent one day this weekend in the city of Orange. There is the little "historic" area and right in the center is a traffic circle with a fountain and benches and small grass areas and lots of trees. .

I could see myself sitting here most of the day if I lived in this neighborhood!!!

But, we were really there to have high tea at this tea house called Paris in a Cup. It was really nice and a lot of fun. We go to high tea every year for Miss No-No's birthday - it's our little celebratory moment before the madness of the actual birthday party kicks into full gear.

This year, she is turning FIVE!!! (Holy man! Where has the time gone?!??!?!)

I got some awesome greens (from one of Miss No-No's friend's parents) and then some great looking baby bok choy (from Costco), and beautiful kale (from the farmers' market) we are having LOTS of greens this week! Here's what I am planning for dinner this week:

Stir Fry with Bok Choy

Chow Mien or Glass Noodles
Quick Sauteed Kale

Tempeh Sloppy Joes (1)
Smashed Potatoes
Fruit Salad

Sweet Potato and Beet Stacks
Kale and White Beans

Garden Burgers
Sweet Potato Fries
Veggie / Fruit Skewers

Miss NoNo's Choice (2)

Pasta Dinner
Salad with Homemade Crutons

Dinner Out

1. Tempeh Sloppy Joes - I use this recipe (from Rachael Ray) and just substitute tempeh for the meat and then omit any other dairy / meat products. I used to make this recipe using the vegetarian style crumbles, but substituting tempeh is sooooo much better for you!! (:
2. Friday is Miss No-No's Birthday! She gets to pick what she wants to eat and she hasn't decided yet!!

What are you planning for the week???
More later! (: