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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Week of Menu Ideas

We are busy this week!! Miss No-No had a rehearsal last night for her recital that is tonight (on a weeknight!!). It's fun to watch her get dressed up, get excited, and then get up on stage and do her thing! (:

{from Google Images}
Last night, we didn't have dinner at home, but this salad is what I would have made if I had been there - - I may even make it later this week (maybe Wednesday?) because it just looks so delicious...and easy!

Here's what else I have planned:

MN's Rehearsal - dinner out

MN's Recital - dinner out

Quick Black Bean Soup and Salad

Garden Burgers
Sliced Mangoes
Grilled Zucchini
Sweet Potato Fries

Left overs and Three Bean Salad

Dinner out

Pasta Dinner with Green Salads

What are your plans for this week?
More later! (: