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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What are you waiting for? (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Have you entered the My Memories Giveaway that I am hosting? If not, get on it! (:
The giveaway ends this weekend! By entering, you have an opportunity to win a COMPLETE digital scrapbooking kit that can be used to make not only scrapbooks, but photocards, and other craft-y items!
Check out the giveaway details and enter here.

Also - - I will be able to periodically send out "special" deals that My Memories offers to my readers!
  • Get $10 off a complete digital scrapbooking kit (if you decide to buy instead of waiting for the giveaway) and $10 off any other purchase (a $20 value!) - use code STMMMS20887. 
  • Get 30% off your custom order by clicking here and using code 30FOR30.
  • Free bookmarking kit - no purchase necessary. Click here
Preserve those memories, organize those photos, and spend less money on supplies by using My Memories!!

More later! (: