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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love Wednesdays! It's the day that I pick up my basket from Morning Song Farm. We joined a CSA about a month ago. It's community supported agriculture and it's a wonderful thing - - all the produce is organic and we get this HUGE basket of food - - generally, it's more than we ever get around to eating. I hate to admit it, but sometimes, only occasionally, I have to throw something away because we have had it so long that it's no longer good. But, we are trying lots of new foods and I am learning to cook new things - some things that I have never even heard of. We have had to look stuff up on the internet more than once trying to figure out what something is and how to make it. We have had this fruit called sapote (?), dandelion greens (which I never would have bought in the store), and passion fruit. Just about everything else that we have gotten has been something that we have seen before. Last week, we got 2 bunches of kale, arugula, cucumbers, avacados, basil, parsley, carrots, radishes, a melon, avacados, and oranges. I do still have to go to the grocery store (or farmer's market) every week for little things - apples, bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic - - whatever "staples" we don't get.

I really look forward to Wednesday nights when we get home and "uncover" all of our new goodies. And I have made it a big deal for Miss M - we pull out everything together and touch it, smell it, and talk about it. Usually SN will make the new fruit "dessert" one night. Very fun.

I have been taking pics of the baskets every week because it's just so cool. This pic is the first basket that we got - get a load of all the tomatoes, red peppers, avacados, and citrus fruit (and all the greens that you can barely see). That first week, we also got about four huge leeks - - so I learned how to make the easiest, fastest, best tasting vegan onion and leek soup ever. SN said that it was the best I have ever made - I don't know if it was because the leeks were organic, because they were so fresh, or because we were just excited about something probably was my supreme cooking skills. Hahaha

More later!